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invention financial success storiesInvention Management Corporation is the organisation to assist you and your invention fulfil its maximum potential. We are the specialists to prepare you and your product for the success that lies ahead. With our wealth of experience in both domestic and international ventures our team can provide the direction that your invention requires.



It is fact that only a very small percentage of all patented inventions actually  
make it to market and an even smaller percentage make more money than the financial investment in the invention. Although many if not all inventors have an enormous talent in the field of conceptualising an idea into reality very few have the understanding or experience in successfullysuccessful invention family marketing, manufacturing, protecting and ultimately selling their invention.

At IMC we not only involve ourselves personally in your endeavours we actually form part of your team with the main aim of achieving the maximum goals for you and your invention.

Our team will work tirelessly to achieve the right licensing deal, outright sale or bring on board a manufacturing partner, whichever is the desired goal.

With our team working for you, success is sure to follow.


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